51 series dual twin wheel swivel caster

  • White zinc/yellow zinc plated pressed steel housing
  • ≥8μm plating thickness
  • High-grade pressed steel
  • Cushioning steel rim rubber tread wheel
  • Dual rare brake
  • Dual head raceway
  • Good wear and tear resistance, excellent impact absorbance
  • Wheel size: 160mm (6″) and 200mm(8″)

Additional information

Item No.


Mounting types

Top plate swivel


Steel roller bearing

Surface treatment

Zinc plated

Load capacity


Our European-type twin-wheel casters perform better on uneven surfaces than single-wheel casters. The wheels on this caster have non-marking, high-quality thermoplastic rubber treads mounted on a polypropylene hub with precision ball bearings that offer medium rolling resistance and quiet operation.

The 2mm-2.5mm thick zinc-plated steel base has a double ball-bearing swivel head attached to a 60mm (2 3/8″) square fitting plate. A foot-operated brake simultaneously locks the swiveling and rolling features.

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