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From the humble beginning in 1981, we had produced our first piece of caster: 11 series steel rim black rubber caster. By winning our first customer’s trust, we made our remarkable record of developing more than 10 series within 8 years.

Now we have become a leading caster manufacturer in China. With a mature R&D team, quality control system, complete production facilities, and rich exporting experience, we have built a solid foundation for our commitment: ‘The quality you can trust’.

Flywheel Founded

In 1981, Flywheel was founded from it's humble beginning, with an ambition of being the largest caster manufacturer in China.

Flywheel's First Caster Series: 11 series

Until 1989, we had developed more than 10 series of caster wheels from light duty to heavy duty.

Second Factory Plant

In order to expand production capacity, the second factory plant with over 40,000㎡ was built.

ISO 9001:2008 certified

When you want to build up your brand and reputation on quality, you have to set up a well-established quality control system at first. That's why we strive to be the  first one to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification in this industry. Until now, we are still following the latest ISO9001 version.

Third Factory Plant

We never stop our steps. We kept bringing more equipment and facilities to our third factory plant with over 128,000㎡ built in the year of 2003, also reached annual turnover of USD 15,000,000.

Continue Expending Our Product Range

Thanks to our experienced engineering team, we are able to develop more products to meet customers' requirements.

Trolleys And Handcarts Product Line

We are always grateful for the trust of our clients. Relying on our proven quality management, we decided to develop our line of trolleys and handcarts to meet the needs of our customers in 2005.

Caster Center Of China

In the year of 2005, we are named as "Caster Center Of China". Which requires the enterprise to have the ability of manufacturing, developing, testing, training, and industry information.

Aluminum Scaffolding Product Line

Ah~ Aluminum scaffolding. Especially when our scaffold casters are well tested by TUV under EN1004 standard, why not? We built it up in the year of 2008.

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New Milestone

50+ caster series. Annual turnover reached USD30,000,000.

We Are Developing

Now we are gradually upgrading all our production equipment to automatic type, and using clean energy of electricity generated by our own solar power station.

Our family

Sales team

In order to provide better experience to our customers, we have dedicated sales staff for customers from different continents. We focus on the market, we’ve got your back.

Technical & Engineering

From design to technical solutions, our remarkable engineering team is the power of our renovation, the major force to keep our products professional, and the guidance on our caster knowledge. 

Production management team

It’s not an easy job to make sure our production line doesn’t go wrong in daily work, but thanks to our production management team with at least 10 years experience (Yes, all at least 10 years), we can always solve problems in time.

Inspection team

We have our dedicated and professional inspection team to go through the whole inspection process. Following the AQL standard of ISO,  we are aiming to deliver quality guaranteed casters and wheels to you.

Mold & tooling development team

With professional technical support, our mold and tooling development team is the one who can bring your product/project to live.

Local employees

To avoid the problem of slow production recovery after Chinese new year, 99.9% of our employees are from local.

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